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Rev. Amos married his beautiful wife, Sonja, on October 24, 1998, and they have two lovely daughters, Déjà, and Dineen.  Rev. Amos takes great pride in being a family man and strives to be an example to other Christian men, that you can thrive in your walk with God, and your career, and still be victorious at home.

Rev. Amos answered the call to Christian ministry in 1993 after a long period of questioning God.  He delivered his initial sermon on July 17, 1994 at Mt. Calvary UAME Church in Aberdeen Md..  In May of 1996 he became an ordained minister in the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church where he has been serving since.  May of 1997 Bishop George W. Poindexter assigned him to serve as Pastor at Graves Chapel UAME Church where he served faithfully and had great success in ministry at this charge.  In May of 2003, Bishop Linwood Rideout III assigned him to Pastor here at St. Paul UAME Church in Wilmington De., where he has been used mightily by the Lord.

​​Reverend Dr. Charles L. Amos

Victory through adversity would be the theme for Rev. Charles L Amos.  Rev. Amos was born to the Late Wayne M. Amos and Alfea L Amos in Baltimore Md.  His family was relocated to Aberdeen, Md. in 1983.  He is a graduate of Aberdeen High School class of 1990.  He has attended Boulden Seminary, Eastern Christian College in Bel Air Md., Maryland Bible College and Seminary in Baltimore Md..  He has received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Boulden Seminary.  He has received his Masters Degree from Wilmington University in Organizational Leadership.

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