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After wrestling with the Lord for many years, Bessie answered the call to Christian ministry and preached her trial sermon on Sunday, February 25, 1990. Following in the footsteps of her sister, she, too, chose to preach from the subject, “Hiding Behind Stuff”. On December 14, 1991, Bessie graduated as Class Valedictorian from Boulden Seminary. In May 1992, she was ordained a Deacon and in 1995 the UAME Church ordained her an Elder. She has joyfully served as Quarterly Conference Assignee at her home church since 1992.

Bessie’s cooking and baking is renowned, her singing and shouting is exuberant, but nothing compares to her love for her fellow man. She has a favorite saying that is not just a cliché. She really wants to know, “how is your heart?”. Her heart is fixed and she has a determined mind to serve Jesus with all her being and is not ashamed to share Him with others.

​​Reverend Bessie Jones

Reverend Bessie Jane Loper Jones was born on the west side of Wilmington, Delaware on May 12, 1932. Her grandmother brought her to Saint Paul UAME Church at an early age and Bessie began her Christian walk as a member of the Sunday School, the Youth Choir, the YPC and the Ever Ready Club.
Reverend Jones is very faithful and committed to the cause of Christ. She has served in many capacities, which include singing on various choirs. She is one of the original members of the Delores Loper Singers and is their longest serving president. Bessie has also served at St Paul as a Steward and Recording Steward, director of the Women’s Day Choir, leader of the Culinary Department, and one of the lead actresses of the Theatrical Guild.


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